A rare complication of spinal anesthesia: Intracranial subdural hemorrhage


Cengiz Kaplan, Ozgur Dandin, Erkan Kaya, Ferhat Cuce, Muzaffer Durmus, Ugur Karapinar, Tuncer Ergin

Spinal (subarachnoid) anesthesia (SA) is a widely used general-purpose anesthesia. Postdural Puncture Headaches (PDPHs) represent one of the principal complications of spinal anesthesia. A 21-year-old man underwent inguinal herniorrhaphy and orchiectomy using spinal anesthesia. Postoperatively, our patient started to have a headache with nausea. The patient received symptomatic therapy, but the severe headache persisted even in the supine position, with his vital signs and neurological examination being normal. Cranial MRI showed a bilateral subdural hematoma from his frontal to temporal region. A postdural puncture headache is a frequent complication after spinal anesthesia. However, serious complications, such as an intracranial subdural hemorrhage, can rarely occur.