A rare presentation of right adrenal angiomyolipoma with accelerated hypertension: A case report


Hari Hasan Chunchu, Ramya Krishna Kalva, Mahender Vattipelli, Sananda Bag, Buchi Reddy Kunduru

Right adrenal angiomyolipoma with accelerated hypertension is usually an incidentaloma and infrequent finding, and only adrenal angiomyolipomas are reported but not with tumor-associated accelerated hypertension. In this case, a 45-year-old male patient presented with the typical symptoms of a headache, neck pain and also giddiness in the last four days. Right adrenal angiomyolipoma diagnosed by using CT and USG scans of the abdomen, and majorly by histopathology. Mostly the management of this case requires surgery, but the preoperative and postoperative management and monitoring of high blood pressure is the utmost importance due to accelerated hypertension. Laparoscopic excision of adrenal tumor and adrenalecto-my was done under general anesthesia. Postoperative recovery was uneventful, and patient blood pressure became normal.