Atypical hydatid cyst with psoas muscle location: Case report


Kazim Duman, Yavuz Poyrazoglu

Atypical hydatid cysts are detected incidentally. They generally comprise 1–5% of all hydatid cysts. In particular, the peripheral muscles are involved. The literature states that it is seen in many parts of the body, including the iliac crest, psoas muscle, palm, and interdigital spaces. The clinical signs vary according to the involved locations, but wherever there is involvement, the lungs and liver, which are the most commonly involved sites, should be primarily investigated and diagnosed. Diagnosis should also be verified by serological and imaging methods, and it should be determined whether there is other organ involvement. Multidisciplinary management should be used for treatment of this disease. The key element of treatment is surgical. Cases of hydatid cyst with only right psoas muscle involvement are rare. We present this case report so that physicians may keep the definitive diagnosis in mind, as it is most frequently seen in the countryside in our country and it diminishes the workforce