Elderly Hip Fracture during Covid-19 Pandemic: What we are Learning


Coral Sánchez Pérez*, Coro Solans López, Nuria Montero, Esther Carbó Laso, Fernando Vega San Vicente, Javier Vaquero Martín, Diana Crego Vita and Francisco Chana-Rodríguez

Purpose: In December 2019 when first cases of Coronavirus 19 disease (COVID-19) appeared, we were not able to predict the spreading capacity neither infectious aggressiveness of this virus. Europe health services have been blocked to control this pandemic state. Orthopedic departments have reduced their activities just for treating the emergent and urgent pathologies such as hip fracture. The goal of this study is to describe and analyze hip fracture COVID+ patients outcomes and compare them with those observed in COVID – patients.
Materials and Methods: This is an observational, retrospective, descriptive study. We have registered clinical and demographical data from 43 patients that were admitted to the Emergency Department of Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón, with a hip fracture, from March 14th until April 22nd 2020. The minimum follow up was nineteen days.
Results: We registered 43 patients, 10 men and 33 women. 9 were COVID19+.7 patients died in the first month (5 of them were COVID19+) achieving a mortality rate of 62,5% in COVID19+ patients and 9% in non-infected patients. Half of COVID19+ patients showed pneumonic signs on the chest x-ray.
Conclusion: COVID19 is a single risk factor for death after surgery.