Maxillofacial trauma due to a horse hoof kick: Report of a case


Mehmet Bani, Alev Alacam, Cagdas Cinar, Yavuz Tolga Korkmaz

Horses have been identified as the major cause of animal-related farm injuries. Interaction with horses may cause severe dental and orofacial trauma, mostly caused by falls, collision with branches when riding in forests or by horse kicks. Children are uniquely prone to animal-related injuries because of inexperience, incomplete physical and cognitive development and a lack of proper training. Horse-related injuries account for a large percentage of injuries of head/maxillofacial trauma in pediatric farm populations. Although soft tissue contusions, lacerations and abrasions are the most common horse-related injures, head/maxillofacial trauma remains the predominant cause of death, especially in pediatric farm populations. The objective of this case report is to describe a case of severe maxillofacial injuries due to a horse hoof kick.