Prepyloric Perforation Following Blunt Trauma Abdomen


Sarvagya Jain*, Prakhar Chaudhary, Lavanya Kelam, Arvind Ghanghoria and Hemant Thanna

Introduction: Gastric perforation following blunt trauma abdomen is a very rare presentation.

Case Report: 35 year male presented with acute abdomen following road traffic accident, which had undergone exploratory laprotomy, and there was prepyloric perforation, with no solid organ injury which was repaired.

Discussion: Mainly gastric perforation is associated with other solid organ injuries like liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs. Diagnosis by x-ray and CT scan, free gas under diaphragm and the repair can be done as routine. Mortality is due to sepsis.

Conclusion: Gastric rupture is a rare presentation following blunt injury abdomen. Commonly traumatic gastric rupture is associated with other injuries like splenic injury and fractures.