Ram Mohan Shukla

Department of Pediatric Surgery, M.Y. Hopsital, Indore, India


  • Case Series   
    Abdominal Complications of VP Shunt in Pediatric Patients
    Author(s): Sarvagya Jain*, Shashi Shankar Sharma, Ram Mohan Shukla, K Lavanya, Hemant Thanna and Saksham Kumar

    Purpose: Ventriculo Peritoneal shunt (VP shunt) is the one of the most common and remains the gold standard treatment for infants and adults with congenital or acquired hydrocephalus, such as that due to a tumor. Complications include infection, obstruction of the shunt itself, and failure of a valve, or over- and under drainage of a ventricle. Intra-abdominal complications of a VP shunt are rare. Here, we report 3 abdominal complications of VP shunt, 2 obstruction and 1 perforation. Case report 1: 7 month male: operated case of hydrocephalus with VP shunt in situ presented with complaint of not passing motion and flatus since 3 days and abdominal distension since 2 days. X-ray showed multiple air fluid levels and Patient was explored, there were multiple adhesions in the bowel loops which were causing obstruction.. Read More»

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